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Freight Quote Survey
Information to build your drop ship spreadsheet

To provide accurate freight quotes for your program, respond to the necessary information below for each destination address.

Warehouses often provide rules regarding incoming freight; if you have freight guidelines for these destinations, please forward to us.

Skid Height Restrictions       [   ] NO;   [   ] YES, restrictions are (in inches)________________


(restricting the height of the skid can lead to increased costs by requiring more floor space in the truck to ship the desired quantity of units)

These additional services usually add costs to the freight estimates:

Residential Address              [   ] NO;    [   ] YES

Liftgate needed?                    [   ] NO;    [   ] YES

(liftgate lifts pallet out of truck onto pavement for addresses without loading docks/residential address)

Appointment Required         [   ] NO;    [   ] YES

(appointments may add extra days to deliver freight)

Data Format:

Provide a .csv file or .MS Excel file .xls, .xlsx file with the following columns:

  • # units to ship

  • Company

  • Attn

  • Address 1

  • Address 2  (include unit#, suite#, etc)

  • City

  • State

  • Zip

  • Contact Name  (if not the same as Attn)

  • Contact Phone

  • Contact Email

  • Skid Height Restriction, in inches

  • Residential Address, y/n

  • Liftgate, y/n

  • Inside Delivery, y/n

  • Appointment required, y/n

  • Notes/Additional information

Drop Shipping Services

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Green Acres Industrial Park

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